Saturday, June 11, 2005

Nokia 770: PDA category contender?

While palmOne LifeDrive's stint in the mobile industry created a rippling undulation due to its gargantuan drive space, plus a raft of outstanding connectivity features like wifi and bluetooth, Nokia on the other hand just released a non-phone device that would hopefully give palmOne's LifeDrive a knock off?

I have a penchant for minitaure computing devices, but I still don't know if this Linux powered device will take off in the Philippine market. Not because I dont belive in Linux(I'd rather revere my salutation to Torvalds than Gates for a more stable operating platform), but Philippines is a market where a "get-used-to-it" graphic interface is something that matters. That's why Windows OS still occupied a larger share of the whole computing population because people are just afraid with the change(paradigm shift).

So, will the Nokia 770 be forcible enough to change my perspective from my current Clie TJ37 handheld to an all new Nokia 770 Handheld? Brace yourself....Posted by Hello

Poetry in the Far Corners of Forever

I have learned a month ago that my diabetes had become worse. Out of the onslaught of that physical infirmity, I have written this to Marie:

I want you to set this poetry aside
For this is written painstakingly
Wrought myself and my marrow
Just to let you know my heart’s delightful glow.

I want you to set his poetry aside
As a sign of how you make me for what I am
Accept me for who I have become
And giving me a strong character, a sense of direction,
a destiny to come.

I want you to set this poetry aside
And read it when you’re feeling happy and hue
So that you will always be reminded
That it was you who make me feel that way too.

I want you to set this poetry aside
As my admiration will never change nor fade
And the inexpressible charm and jovial mirth
Will remain in your loveliness and being down to earth.

I want you to set this poetry aside
Save for the days when things get wrong
And the dark clouds are hanging by your side
Hoping that these will cheer you up a little,
thinking those sweet mem’ries we have spent along.

I want you to set this poetry aside
On your dresser or on your shelf
Remember that it’s probably me sitting there,
Smiling to think of all the wonderful things about you.

I want you to set this poetry aside
While I’m gone; just to remind you in mind
That though I can’t always be there, or when God will take me somewhere
This poetry will remain truest, as I will be holding on to our promises,
waiting for you in the far corners of forever.
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Tradewinds of our Time

by engrjohnraycabrera

If I can undo the things already done
And restore back the lusters of yesterday
The reddening tinge of sunlight gone astray
To sunset's glowing crimsonnes....

I would willingly sacrifice
My years and lifetime's only price
Just to retrieve the natural essence
Of youthful's enthralling sweetness.

If I can undo the tears from a bleeding heart
Clothe you once more with pristine beauty
Of what was once vibrant
All with boundless enthusiasm, bliss, and ecstacy.

If by doing so would ease you
Of the pain gnawing your soul,
I would unweave love's mystic halo
Pick the fragments into original full.

If I can undo the sorrows inflicted in thee
And behold once more the appealing tenderness
Of that vestal face adorned from artist's memory
Regaining the allure of past togetherness.

If I can unwrap anew the mantle
Of gloomy misgivings and heart's trouble
Thrusting back into the darkest oblivion
The anguish that seared into your soul's pavilion.

If I can undo the poignant feelings
Let thoughts berserk and tormenting
Flee to where they came....
And with winsomeness glorify heart's untame.

If I can undo the haunting melancholia
That encompasses you with utmost nostalgia;
Clad you anew with those vanished happiness
That once were kin to your existence.

If I can undo the doings of time
Resurrect the years like effervescent mist
Joining the vapory space of falling moist,
Then subtly reviving your charm.

If I can recapture the bliss
Like elusive shadows escaping from mind's reach
Beyond recall, beyond warbling pitch
Restore your queenliness.

If I can undo the happiness gone excuciatingly
Endured by your strength and fortitude
Reawaken those emotions long dead and decayed
I shall but endow them with breath of life beyond immortality.

If I can undo the stirring songs
And redeem the carefree, bouyant nature
Of the pulchritude aloft the throng....
These eyes shall witness the youthful glow mirrored in my rapture.

If I can undo the yesteryear's complexity
But yesteryear is gone to eternity
Gone to return no more.....
Letting today pulsate life's irrevocable reality.

If I can undo all these
Giving you back the yesteryears
The youth's unalloyed joys grown with smiles
Bestow the thrilling music that describe our mem'ries.

If I can undo the fate's cruelties
I shall not lament and bemoan my punishment
All because I fell to Cupid's unerring dart
In you I can see heaven savored by my heart.

I love you Sweetheart.

iPod Shuffle-licous

iPod Shuffle-licious.... that is what I call for an iPod Shuffle dressing itself like that gum bar. And, had this been owned by dad of a 4-year old kid, it will be most likely be devoured directly to the poor kid's palatte. And he'll just wryly react to his wifey and say: "I've seen my 'Pod dancing in our son's gastric glands, Honey...." Posted by Hello

Reflections of Remorse

One of my biggest flubs way back in college was failing my physics class. I wonder. Me? Aspiring to be a nuclear or discrete particle physicist flanking my physics subject? More so, a dean's lister like me to failing in his favorite minor class?(Physics is a minor subject in an engineering curricula) Yes, I flanked... for a dimunitive reason I did flank. The final exam was moved into another room, and me, not being veracious to the science building's bulletin board failed to take the finals.

I had several thoughts oscillating in me. What will happen to my future having a grade of 5.0 in my academic record. I started writing down this poem, thinking that my future ends there, and my end days start now. Posted by Hello

A Dream

the love we shared.... Posted by Hello

Talking to God about Marie
April 17, 2005-

Yes, I'm on top of the world, floating aimlessly in thin air, gallivanting to the world of nowhere yet so definite and firm about the path taken. And I feel like I have the same level of stardom as Erik Santos belting to his heart's delight, "This is the Moment", for tomorrow I will be meeting the woman I love most. I will be seeing someone I dreamed to be with for the rest of my life. Such is an immense outpour of joy catapulting my senses. I am literally happy, yet the happiness I've felt goes beyond the virtue of the literal happiness itself.

But she is currently embrioled into something that caused both our sleepless nights. She was summoned for court case at the Mandaluyong trial court. I know God love her more than I could, but I just need to pray for her, hoping that my prayer would fortify Marie's strength, with my presence cementing a kind of compassion that God is always watching above. I cried in it. I cried not because I don't have faith in God, but because my prayers have been heart wrenching these critical moments of her life. I cried while praying, weeping like a child in the foothold of an adult's brethren, asking for God to untangle Marie of the intricacy she's implicated with.

Oh, God, I love Marie so much.
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Loving thoughts about Marie

I love her, and there will only be one person my heart is capable of loving than her. Whenever I see people's faces, I see herrs instead. It bothers me. I felt like God is giving me signs wherever I go. But it makes me happy for everything that surrounds in me reminded of her.

I will just be here, loving her. I will stay around with a love that is pure, sincere, and immeasurable as that of the Being who gave her to me. I will continue my plan, steadfast of the dream that I built around her... and if she will finally be able to untangle yourself from the web of intricaies that she is embrioled with, I will only be around, waiting for her in the far corner of the world, waiting for the dreams we have shared with, waiting for the love we summon.

I love Marie so much and I know my life rest in the cudgels of her love, and I felt confident that end the end, we may share the same glory. No matter what that is, it's for her and me to relish, to cheerish, and to enjoy mutually.

I love her to the purest and sublimest, and not transient and momentary as she thought it is.
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Thinking of You

this is my poem for Marie.... Posted by Hello

the Alpha and the Omega

the grandeur that is God.... Posted by Hello

PoetTech: a fusion of poetry and technology

Yeah, blogs have been there since the dawn of online literatures. And while most writers find this handy in expressing their opinions with just a laptop as their notepad, a coffee shop as their haven, and a wireless internet as their publication channel, I am not alluded by this kind of service primarily because I don't want to openly unshroud my thoughts into public consumption. I mean, even if this is subscriber dependent which requires your approval before they can feast upon your blog, there will always be people who would request to read it. I love fiction movies, but the least of the ficion heroes I adore are those who know can read minds. So why such my lame attempt to finally put down my thoughts into writing? Two things: poetry and technology. Expect this blog to be a fusion of technical insights from me(and from other the industry pundits) and of my literary handiworks.

So then.... let the bloggin' party begin.....