Saturday, June 11, 2005

Loving thoughts about Marie

I love her, and there will only be one person my heart is capable of loving than her. Whenever I see people's faces, I see herrs instead. It bothers me. I felt like God is giving me signs wherever I go. But it makes me happy for everything that surrounds in me reminded of her.

I will just be here, loving her. I will stay around with a love that is pure, sincere, and immeasurable as that of the Being who gave her to me. I will continue my plan, steadfast of the dream that I built around her... and if she will finally be able to untangle yourself from the web of intricaies that she is embrioled with, I will only be around, waiting for her in the far corner of the world, waiting for the dreams we have shared with, waiting for the love we summon.

I love Marie so much and I know my life rest in the cudgels of her love, and I felt confident that end the end, we may share the same glory. No matter what that is, it's for her and me to relish, to cheerish, and to enjoy mutually.

I love her to the purest and sublimest, and not transient and momentary as she thought it is.
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