Saturday, June 11, 2005

PoetTech: a fusion of poetry and technology

Yeah, blogs have been there since the dawn of online literatures. And while most writers find this handy in expressing their opinions with just a laptop as their notepad, a coffee shop as their haven, and a wireless internet as their publication channel, I am not alluded by this kind of service primarily because I don't want to openly unshroud my thoughts into public consumption. I mean, even if this is subscriber dependent which requires your approval before they can feast upon your blog, there will always be people who would request to read it. I love fiction movies, but the least of the ficion heroes I adore are those who know can read minds. So why such my lame attempt to finally put down my thoughts into writing? Two things: poetry and technology. Expect this blog to be a fusion of technical insights from me(and from other the industry pundits) and of my literary handiworks.

So then.... let the bloggin' party begin.....


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