Saturday, June 11, 2005

Talking to God about Marie
April 17, 2005-

Yes, I'm on top of the world, floating aimlessly in thin air, gallivanting to the world of nowhere yet so definite and firm about the path taken. And I feel like I have the same level of stardom as Erik Santos belting to his heart's delight, "This is the Moment", for tomorrow I will be meeting the woman I love most. I will be seeing someone I dreamed to be with for the rest of my life. Such is an immense outpour of joy catapulting my senses. I am literally happy, yet the happiness I've felt goes beyond the virtue of the literal happiness itself.

But she is currently embrioled into something that caused both our sleepless nights. She was summoned for court case at the Mandaluyong trial court. I know God love her more than I could, but I just need to pray for her, hoping that my prayer would fortify Marie's strength, with my presence cementing a kind of compassion that God is always watching above. I cried in it. I cried not because I don't have faith in God, but because my prayers have been heart wrenching these critical moments of her life. I cried while praying, weeping like a child in the foothold of an adult's brethren, asking for God to untangle Marie of the intricacy she's implicated with.

Oh, God, I love Marie so much.
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