Friday, July 01, 2005


**poetry of engrjohnraycabrera**

'Twas an awe-inspiring fascination
Dreams of all dreams propagate
Ushering me into a dazzling dimension
As cherished admirations visitate.

Time and again, it stirs my memory
Like some indimunitive illusion
A one that thrills me even today
Flashes an extravagant sight meant for late afternoon.

In the beautiful spot of an island
An equally beautiful woman immersing in the water
Like Tequila sundown casting so grand
Being with her is a heavenly bliss rupturing in my atmosphere.

Sailboat silhouette exhibits a grandiose display
As it sliced through the low, golden sun
Viewed only as a speck of the glistening sea
Causing the breeze to swish as it spurn.

Scouring the expanse of a dry seabed
And tossing tjhe peebles into the sea
I orchestrate our lovesongs often repeated
While mesmerized by her finesse and beauty.

The sun gloriously hang inches above the horizon
Announcing the promise of a new day
Like earth's weary pilgrim, it vanishes soon
Eddying from one celestial nook to the other, yearning another moment with Marie.Posted by Picasa


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