Wednesday, October 25, 2006

GLOCK 17: a devil-on-the-run's toy

The latest addition to my family is not a pet, nor a set of security gadget, nor it is in human form. It is my gun.

Brace yourself for a Glock 17 clad with complete 17rounds of full metal ammunition. This shining coolness is handed to me by a friend who has a connection to Russian arms dealers and underworld.

My very first close encounter to the real thing sprung from what he call an "underwortld." But what the heck is "underworld" anyway. Is is just a Hollywood depiction of a place where devils freely run? What is it made up of. At the span of our conversation, he said that it comprises the cops and crooks in the same sailboat, the saints and sinners in the same haven. A kind of place where you can't see any distinction between a crime czar and an "alleged" cohorts of a crime. It is not a place of communism(or Marxist rule) but definitely a place where everybody is equal. A street is full of people totting with firearms on the side yet emerged to be the safest place in the world. Not a place for empirialists or aristocrats. A deep regard for one's altruism prevails first more than a rude brass of one's authority. Rule of law is least observed, yet respect is highly esteemed.

The gun is accordingly given to him as a gift from a Portuguese druglord who is now based in Buenos Aires right after the oust of Fidel Castro. The "gleek"(as he refers it because of its sleek look and chrome finish) is customized by an Austrian gun maker, from the very first breed of people who baptizes the very first Glock in its inception.

The specs is awesome, but numbers don't end there. The licensing cost Php6,999(standard 45caliber licensing rate for private individual) and the Permit To Carry cost Php12,000, plus Php19 for each bullet piece in a box containing 50 of them. A holster cost Php3,495.

Nevertheless given:

Glock 17 Specifications Caliber 9x19 mm
Action Safe Action (constant double action mode)
Overall length (slide) 7.32 in. (186 mm)
Height, including magazine 5.43 in. (138 mm)
Width 1.18 in. (30 mm)
Barrel length 4.49 in. (114 mm)
Sight radius 6.49 in. (165 mm)
Rifling Hexagonal profile with right-hand twist of one turn in 9.84 in. (250 mm)
Weight, without magazine 22.04 oz. (625 g)
Weight, empty magazine 2.75 oz. (78 g)
Weight, full magazine ~9.87 oz. (~280 g)
Magazine capacity 17 rounds
Standard trigger pull ~5.5 lbs. (~2.5 kg)
Trigger pull length 0.5 in. (12.5 mm)
Number of safeties 3

... I would be more than glad to shell out that amount.

They say if you have a gun, it will spruce up smugness and imperiousness. A Spanish harlem said "true gun virtusuo is depleted with airs of braggadocio." I felt the same. Arrogance never lurks in my kind while I carry weapon. I felt like I became the calmest creature on earth carrying this weapon. Probably it is because I don't need to exert effort in waging supremacy(if ever I have to).

Well, I should remain placid until an extreme agitation passes by. But it should be extreme enough for me to pull up a weapon of destruction.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

After several musings, years of pondering shattered relationship, I never found the answer... answer to these questions:

How is it that so much time spent loving and caring for a person can suddenly crumble to the ground? How can words of tender endearments suddenly be turned into comments of blind hatred and revenge? Why is change such a feared presence? Where is it we go when we step outside of the comfort of familiarity? How do we recreate joy when so much is trapped beneath the rubble of failure? Where is the strength to pick up all of the delicate shards that reflect the beauty of true love? Is there a cloth thick enough to wipe away the blood of our bleeding hearts? How can we absorb the surrounding happiness of our friends when our closest friendship has been sapped of any reminder of happiness? Why, if we still breathe, does life end... until the rocky moment of acceptance? How does love end anyway?

Can someone so kind emancipate me with life's unanswered questions such as these?