Thursday, October 19, 2006

After several musings, years of pondering shattered relationship, I never found the answer... answer to these questions:

How is it that so much time spent loving and caring for a person can suddenly crumble to the ground? How can words of tender endearments suddenly be turned into comments of blind hatred and revenge? Why is change such a feared presence? Where is it we go when we step outside of the comfort of familiarity? How do we recreate joy when so much is trapped beneath the rubble of failure? Where is the strength to pick up all of the delicate shards that reflect the beauty of true love? Is there a cloth thick enough to wipe away the blood of our bleeding hearts? How can we absorb the surrounding happiness of our friends when our closest friendship has been sapped of any reminder of happiness? Why, if we still breathe, does life end... until the rocky moment of acceptance? How does love end anyway?

Can someone so kind emancipate me with life's unanswered questions such as these?


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